At SUNSET Bed & Breakfast we live in the respect of the environment that surrounds us: we separate waste and our daily choices are meant to reduce the waste of food, energy and water. We also decided to host our pets free of charge to make a small contribution to abandonment so that our four – legged friends are not a problem with the arrival of the holidays. For this reason we offer a retirement service for animals so that you can feel free to visit the Gran Canaria Island without any worries. Everyone is welcome to the Sunset B & B, provided every guest respects the other guests, animals and property of the Sunset B & B.

We have no prejudices about ethnicities, religions, and political opinions. Please let us know about your habit so you can organize your vacation in the best possible way. We can adapt the breakfast menu for people who are vegetarian, vegan, or intolerant to certain foods. We use organic products at zero mille and usually for our purchases we prefer recyclable products, “save space” and ecofriendly packaging.